Can a Person Really Get Charged With a By-Law Infraction For Trick or Treat Activities After 8:00PM In Bathurst, New Brunswick?

The Law In Bathurst, New Brunswick Restricts Various Hallowe'en Activities. Wearing of Masks, Hours to Trick or Treat, and Age Limits, Are Restricted.

Understanding the Special Restrictions Upon Participation In Hallowe'en Festivities In Bathurst, New Brunswick

Trick or Treat In Bathurst, New Brunswick, Bylaw #2005-17 forbid anyone over the age of fourteen from trick or treating for candy.  Additionally, Hallowe'en festivities, including the wearing of any facial disguise, was required to conclude by 7:00PM and always be held on October 31st.  In 2017, the law was changed to permit trick or treaters up to sixteen (16) years of age and to add an extra hour by allowing the festivities to run until 8:00PM.

Failure to comply can result in a prosecution subject to a minimum $80.00 fine and maximum $200.00 fine.  Sadly, for $200.00 you can buy a lot of candy!  Thankfully, according to the Mayor of Bathurst, to date, little if any efforts to enforce the by-law have occurred.

Of course, Shemesh Paralegal Services is unable to assist if you are charged with a by-law violation in New Brunswick; however, it you are charged with an offence in Ontario, Shemesh Paralegal Services may be available to assist.

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