A Tenant Is Harassing Other Tenants. What Should a Landlord Do?

A Landlord May Have the Right, and Responsibility, to Evict the Troublesome Tenant.

Eviction Notice Document Shemesh Paralegal Services understands that the business of a landlord involves many unique legal challenges requiring strong knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, S.O. 2006, Chapter 17 and the precedent cases.  Shemesh Paralegal Services is experienced in tenant negotiations and providing representation at hearings of the Landlord Tenant Board.

For legal help that is efficient and effective, Shemesh Paralegal Services provides advocacy for various disputes involving Permitting Overcrowding Within the Rental Unit, Eviction for Unlawful Conduct, Eviction For Complete Demolition of the Rental Unit, among many other issues!

For landlords with rental units located in Toronto, King City, Newmarket, Thornhill, Willowdale, among other places, Shemesh Paralegal Services wants to hear from you!

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